Child Focus Foundation offers a full program of physical, creative and educational activities for all school-going children (age 4-18) of Saba.

These activities are run by youth leaders who offer their time and effort on a voluntary basis. Information about the activities and signup sheets are distributed throughout the schools. A parent evening/information meeting is held during the first week of each new school year. Parents are welcomed to attend and register their children for activities. 


Bus service is provided for most of the regular activities.



Child Focus Foundation is committed to offering after-school activities to all school-going youth from 4-18 years of age through care, support and guidance during after-school hours by offering a variety of activities. Children are encouraged in their development and supported with their schoolwork.


In cooperation with the Center for Youth and Family, we offer support to parents of school-going youth in raising their children, in combination with special activities aimed at improving the relationship between children and their parents.


Here at Child Focus Foundation, we are fortunate to have personnel that enhance our vision with their special talents, talents given willingly and passionately. It has always been our vision to have our name become synonymous with excellence, innovation, honor, integrity, outstanding quality and service. In keeping our vision clear, yet goal-focused, with the help of our community, we will be able to turn every obstacle into a stepping stone, in order to achieve more, develop further and ultimately have of our goals come to fruition. 



Staff members and youth leaders are trained and certified in children's CPR and First Aid procedures. During activities, all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of each child. 




Project Manager:








Assistant Project Leader: Suzanne Guido - "Suzy"


"I have worked at Child Focus for the past six years as the Assistant Project Leader. It is a title I am fortunate to hold, and Child Focus is an organization that I am proud to be a part of! I have two beautiful children… they are now grown, but once also attended these very activities we offer here. It is because of them that I truly believe in our motto: ” It takes a village to raise a child." I see the importance of those words play out here every day! My job can be challenging at times, but it is mostly rewarding. I see the faces of your children here every day. I feel their little arms hug me and hear the excitement in their voices while they play but also learn. All of them are beautiful and so deserving! It is my wish that we will continue to grow as an organization to meet the needs of our children, that we will be able to continue to provide quality activities, in a safe environment. We may not have as much to offer on our little island as what others do in the "Big World," but what we do have, we are grateful for and will try to make the most of, for they are also the children of the world!!"

Coordinator of the Creative Arts: Melissa Wicker

"I started volunteering at Child Focus in May 2017 when I moved from Minnesota to Saba. I had the honor of taking on the role as Coordinator of the Creative Arts Program in September 2017. Woking with all the bright and talented children of Saba has been such a joy. I am proud to be a part of Child Focus and am grateful to be able to teach and encourage my students to express themselves through the creative arts."

President and Chairperson: Henriette van Heijnsbergen - "Jet"


"I've been involved with Child Focus, as a foundation, from its inception in November 2000. It's all about the youth of Saba! They deserve to get to know lots of different, creative and inspiring activities. The children are quite talented and it is our duty to give them the opportunity to discover and develop their talents! I like the fact that CF is for everybody: all children have an equal right to our services. 

It is important that Saba has good quality schools as well as after-school activities because the youth are the future. Investing in the youth is investing in the future of our island. People who have developed their abilities and talents will be able to create a better future for themselves and the community they live in. 

Let's not forget that Child Focus is FUN. Being a board member of CF is also lots of fun because of the great people you get to work with!"

Board Member: Elca Charles


"As an elementary school teacher, I believe that children should always come first. Prior to teaching, I was the head nurse at the Honorable Henry Every Home for the Aged; however, I decided to follow my heart and passion, so I pursued a career in education. I believe that providing after-school activities is essential to our community. I initiated the After-School Care Program in order to accommodate the children whose parents are busy working during the afternoon. I am proud to be a board member for Child Focus, an organization that plays an important role in Saba."

Call Us: 599-416-2318   /   childfocussaba@gmail.com   /   Windwardside, Saba

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