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As per January 1, 2018 Child Focus will be come a Cup Free zone. 

Please bring your own water bottle/ cup.

Water for refills is available. 

Please Be Advised:

Children are to refrain from bringing any electronics to any of the Child Focus activities, so that everybody can participate to the fullest.

Saba Day 2019 will have the following kids activities:

- Soccer Tournament

- Field Games

- Dance Performance

- Drumming Performance

- Kite Competition

Come out and join the fun!


Bus Schedule 

The bus schedule has been altered due to the following reasons:

  • The large amount of children that have registered to Child Focus activities

  • Upon request of the bus drivers

  • Due to complaints of parents

As of Monday October 9, 2017 children will be picked up from Pick up locations. 

Important information about the bus schedule:

  • Pick up starts 30 minutes before activity starts

  • Children should be ready when pick up starts

  • Bus drivers will not be able to wait for children, since this will throw off the bus schedule and will effect all children that still have to be picked up.

  • Bus drivers are unable to return for children that have missed the bus

  • Children will be dropped of at the registered places

The pick up locations are:

The Bottom:

  • Under the Hill, by the side of the Road

  • Promise Land (Sea View Grill Sign)

  • Afternoon School Program

  • SUSOM Gazebo

St John's:

  • Upper St. John's, by the side of the Road

  • St. John's Gym


  • Child Focus Building

  • The Level, by the side of the Road*

  • Booby Hill, by the side of the Road*

* Child Focus recommends parents to make a Car Pool to drop children off at Child Focus Building.

(For more information about setting up a car pool, please check out 

Zion's Hill

  • Upper Zion's Hill, by the side of the Road

  • Lower Zion's Hill, by the side of the Road

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